Prometheus: Meredith Vickers

The more I rewatch this movie, the more I sympathize with Meredith. I don’t particularly like her but I feel for her situation. She has been slighted and overlooked by her father, whose approval she obviously seeks. Weyland blatantly prefers his android ‘son’ to her, entrusting David with far more information and control over the mission than he does his biological daughter. I think her antagonism towards David stems more from jealousy than any contempt she may have for him as a robot.

I was designed like this because you people are more comfortable interacting with your own kind.


Beautiful tributes to Prometheus and Alien by artists Dan Mumford (top) and Marko Manev (bottom).

Duty-Bound, Ready & Willing: Fealty vs. Choice in Prometheus


//Just as Vickers and David’s relationship is in large part a clash of the heart (taking mostly the form of wrath in Vickers’ case - as is the case with Cersei’s rage displacing the dictates of logic she’d otherwise look to in the Song of Ice & Fire series, for example) and the…

Faith, Sentiment, & Moral Pretensions: How Elizabeth Shaw Subverted David's Expectations


I’ve written a bit about Shaw and David’s relationship before, and it might be useful to preface this meta with a link to what I’ve already discussed.

Bearing all I’ve already discussed in mind, it occurred to me the other day as I was watching Prometheus for the umpteenth time that one of…


Bless you, Pixar, for taking time to give us bloopers.

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Indiana Jones



Do you have a shorter name?

Every time I watch the movie (which is probably way too much), I swoon a bit when Bruce Willis says, “LeeLoo” like it’s the most beautiful name he’s ever heard.



You’ve been up here too long man. You’ve lost your marbles”

Moon (2009)
Duncan Jones

Female Ass-Kickers Challenge, Week 24: Friendship

Evelyn Couch & Ninny Threadgoode [Fried Green Tomatoes]

Female Ass-Kickers Challenge, Week 24: Friendship

Evelyn Couch & Ninny Threadgoode [Fried Green Tomatoes]